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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Hunt Continues

The job hunt, that is.

Yesterday I went over to the Employment Resource Centre, and got a referral to another local centre that does various workshops on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and so on.  I signed up for six of the workshops  -  it can't hurt!  My work history  -  and job acquisition history  -  has been so full of serendipity over the last fifteen years that I really have very little experience with things like crafting a winning resume and acing an interview.  All my jobs to date have either been through temp agencies, or through being sought out by employers.  Flattering, but not presently useful!

Funnily enough, I actually had an interview today.  A forwarding company had found my current resume (such as it is) on monster.ca, and called me to come in on about five hours' notice  -  was I glad I'd touched up the grey roots last week!  The interview went well, though rather quickly, but I don't think I'll get the job.  They seem to want someone with a lot more forwarding and NVOCC experience than I have.  But you just never know ... as I told Big Guy when I got home, "It's always a fifty-fifty chance  -  either they hire me or they don't."

* * * * * *

Moving J went more smoothly than I'd expected, all things considered.  We had everything loaded, moved, and unloaded, and the truck back at the rental place, by about 6 p.m. Friday.  Her helpers were willing and able, nothing (that I know of) got broken, and I only hit my knees on the trailer hitch six times.  My hands and wrists are still kind of sore, but I suspect some of that may be from a weekend spent almost entirely either knitting or winding yarn.  Once I can get some clear table space (don't go there!) I now have three completed sweaters to sew together.

The room proceeds, albeit a bit more slowly than I'd originally planned.  The walls, ceiling, and woodwork have all been washed, but I won't be doing the primer until my right wrist is less stiff and achy.  So it looks like I'll be priming on Friday, and painting on Sunday and Monday.  Furniture etc will start shifting Tuesday or Wednesday, since I want to give the paint plenty of time to harden up first.

* * * * * *

We got up this morning to another dry, sunny, beautiful (but very cold) day.  I spent the time before I had to get ready for the interview wandering around the yard, making mental notes of everything I'd like to do to prepare for this year's garden, and thinking I'd get started on the winter debris cleanup tomorrow morning.  All the fruit trees need pruning, the lawn needs a good raking to get rid of what the evergreens have been dropping on it all winter, and there are monster weeds everywhere.  Naturally, the morning paper is predicting rain for the rest of the week ... It rains with monotonous regularity this time of year, especially on those rare occasions when I have the energy, the motivation, and the time to get out there and do something.  Sigh.  I may have to console myself with graph paper and seed packets.

Or maybe I'll start another sweater.

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