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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Week Of Ups And Downs

Well, it certainly was an ... interesting week ... and a painful one, since I paid the property taxes on Friday.  Ouch.

Work was crazy busy  -  not a bad thing overall, since they don't pay me to sit around doing my nails.  We do get frustrated with the slowness of our ancient computers, but we're supposed to be getting new ones in the fall, so we grit our teeth and soldier on.  It does make for a fair bit of overtime, and the money's always useful!

Sad times downtown Wednesday night.  I'm sure by now everyone has seen news images of the "Stanley Cup Riot".  What didn't come to light until the next day was that the whole shebang was pre-planned by a small group of anarchistic hooligans, and literally any excuse would have done.  The hockey final was handy, but they were just as willing to use the fireworks competition, or Canada Day events ... morons.  Although I don't live in Vancouver proper any more, I will always think of it as my home town.  I'm saddened and angered by the idiots who went out of their way to provoke senseless violence, wanton destruction, looting and burning cars  -  but heartened by the much greater number of people who showed up spontaneously the next morning to clean up.  They are the real people of my home city, and they are all heroes in my book.

My good friend D and I are doing a "Harry Potter" movie marathon  -  one movie every Saturday night, in order, leading up to the last movie in the theatre.  Is it dreadfully geeky of me to be unreasonably excited over this?  The first half of "Deathly Hallows" was extremely well-done, and in my opinion they couldn't have picked a better place in the story to stop.

The only project I've worked on this past week is the gradual whittling down of a huge pile of mending; none of it is mine, but since J and Big Guy cook for me, I can't complain.  At least they both do their own laundry ...

This being Father's Day, we asked Big Guy what he wanted for dinner.  Turns out he wants takeout fish & chips from his favourite place, so I'm off to pick up the food in a little while  -  trying to time it so that the food is still hot and fresh when J gets home from work.

I got a very nice surprise at work on Friday.  Last week I had helped a friend with something  -  nothing major, just some advice and pointers based on my professional knowledge  -  and out of the blue, she sent a beautiful bouquet to me, with a sweet hand-written thank-you note!  I was delighted, and astonished, and almost a little embarrassed  -  I didn't really do that much.  But it is nice to be appreciated.

Tomorrow our new export csr starts  -  and I get to train him to do things my way.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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