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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plans vs. Life

Ever notice how much more gets done on the weekend when you "wing it" than when you make a to-do list?  That's how things seem to work for us, anyway. Yes, there are things that must be done daily, or weekly  -  but almost none of them (apart from feeding the animals) are things that can't wait a day.  The world won't come to an end if I don't get the bathroom cleaned until tomorrow.

I've found that we actually get a lot more done just by looking around for things that need doing and that fit the day's mood/weather/available time.  For instance, Big Guy was saying yesterday that he wanted to spend this afternoon tidying up the workshop ... but it's not raining after all, so he's currently up a ladder pruning the apple tree instead.  I had planned to do my laundry this afternoon ... but J needs laundry done more than I do, so she's in the laundry room and I'm here.  I've started cleaning up my workroom so I'll have room to set up the ironing board to block out all my sweater pieces before I assemble the finished sweater.  So far I've filled half a recycling bin, two wastebaskets, and two bags of donations.  And found my book catalogue notebook and added the stack of new books, which are now neatly in the shelves instead of piled on the desk.


And life interferes with plans once again.  ::sigh::  E and I had planned to meet for coffee around lunch time today ... but her daughter had her transit pass, and J had mine, and Big Guy had my car ... so we'll meet at the train station after work one evening this week and come here for coffee instead.  Probably on Friday, so I can give her a lift home on my way to Mom's for our regular movie night.

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