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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ever Have One Of Those Days ...

... where you just can't seem to get moving?  I'm having one today.  And although I feel like I've earned a lazy day, this is not the best time for one.  But every time I think about the things that need to get done today ... I sit back down here and start another game of solitaire, or read another blog/social site thread/news article.

And there are a number of things that do need doing today; the litterbox  and guinea pig cage need cleaning, the dishes are piling up and so is the laundry, the bathroom is grubby, the whole house badly needs sweeping and dusting, the mending pile keeps growing, I still have a few more loose ends to darn into the "project" sweater, and my workroom is still chaotic.  Don't even ask me about the basement ... and here I sit.

Why?  I'm tired.  Deep-down in my bones tired.  Overtime every night at work, family who meet me at the door with things they "need" me to do right that second, a computer on which I need to replace/rebuild a gazillion files because we had to wipe the main drive and reinstall Windows (some files might still be recoverable, but it will take time); it all adds up.  It seems like the only time I had to relax for the last week was during my train ride to work and back, when I could lose myself in a book or put my headphones on and ignore the world for a little while.  That's not enough.

On the plus side, I have tomorrow off.  Even though our office is in Canada, the ports I handle are in the US, so I work the Canadian holidays and take the American ones.  Instead of Victoria Day, I get Memorial Day.  This is actually a good thing, because tomorrow I plan to get my passport pictures taken, get J to sign one (she works an afternoon shift tomorrow so she'll still be here when I get back with them), go downtown to use the birthday gift card the girls gave me last fall for a manicure & pedicure, then take in my passport application.  I'll be putting the fees on the credit card, but as soon as I get home I can transfer the amount out of chequing and so pay no interest and get the card back to zero again.  The passport office, like the photo place, is within walking distance of home.  So are the bank, the library, the computer store, and two grocery stores, all of which I will also be stopping at ... all in all, a very busy day, but a very productive one.

Oh, yes, the bank.

I have a little piggy bank on my desk here, into which I drop all the coins I accumulate during the week.  When it's full, I empty it into an old toffee tin, and when the tin is full, I roll up the coins and deposit the lot into my savings account.  So my trip to the bank will be to deposit  -  drum roll, please!  -  $233.00 !!!  Which more than makes up for having to tweeze my eyebrows into submission and touch up my grey roots tonight so I'll be ready for the passport photos in the morning.

Now, if only the weather would lighten up a little.  It may be the end of May on paper, but it's still March outside.

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